Linguistics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Linguistics terminology and jargon:



DFLALDepartment of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics (Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria)
DFLCDriving Forces in Linguistic Change
DLAPDocumentary Linguistics Asian Perspectives
DLCEDepartment of Linguistic and Cultural Evolution
DLCLDistinguished Lectures in Cognitive Linguistics
DLLDDiscovering linguistics Linguistic Discoveries
DLWGDynamic Linguistic Weighted Geometric
DMDangling Modifier
DSDeterminate Sound
DTALDepartment of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
DUDiscourse Unit
DVDescriptive Verb
EGCLEssex Graduate Conference in Linguistics
ELANEUDICO Linguistic Annotator and
ELLAEthnographic Linguistic Landscape Analysis
ELNNElman linguistic neural network
EMCLEmpirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics
EMCLEuropean Masters in Clinical Linguistics
ENALEuropean Network of Amerindian Linguistics
ESCOLEastern States Conference On Linguistics
ETALEdinburgh TESOL and Applied Linguistics
EUDICOEuropean Distributed Corpora Project
FARLFormal Approaches to Russian Linguistics