Linguistics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Linguistics terminology and jargon:



FARLFormal Approaches to Russian Linguistics
FASLFormal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics
FDSLFormal Description of Slavic Languages
FLEFree Linguistic Environment
FPFormat Prefix
FPFunctional Phrase
FPFFirst Person Forced
FSGFinite State Grammar
GALTGlossing Authentic Language Texts
GBEGrammar By Example
GELTAGraduate English Language Teaching Assistant
GIEPGerman Immersion Extension Program
GILLBTGhana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation
GILLBTGhana Institute of Linguistic Literacy and Bible Translation
GLACGermanic Linguistics Annual Conference
GLOWGenerative Linguistics in the Old World
GORILLAGlobal Open Resources and Information for Language and Linguistic Analysis
HIDDELHealth Information, Disclosure, Description and Evaluation Language
HLSHispanic Linguistics Symposium
HWPLHarvard working papers in linguistics
IACLInternational Association of Chinese Linguistics
IALLInternational Academy of Linguistic Law
ICCLInternational Committee on Computational Linguistics
ICLAInternational Cognitive Linguistics Association
ICMIdealised Cognitive Model