Linguistics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Linguistics terminology and jargon:



PALAPoetics And Linguistics Association
PBPhonetically Balanced
PDEPresent-Day English
PDPPredicative Determiner Phrase
PLABProfessional And Linguistic Assessments Board
PLABProfessional And Linguistics Assessment Board
PLABProfessional Linguistic Assessment Board
PLABProfessional Linguistics Assessment Board
PLABProfessional and Linguistics Assessments Board
PLALPerspectives on Linguistics and Ancient Languages
PLDPrimary Linguistic Data
PLIProgrammable Linguistic Interface
PLLIProfessional Linguistics Licensed Interpreter
PLLPPost Layout Linguistic Proofreading
PLNPerplexing Linguistic Notion
PLOPanini Linguistic Olympiad
PLOPanini Linguistics Olympiad
PLSIPeople's Linguistic Survey of India
PMSPunctuation Made Simple
POLAProject On Linguistic Analysis
POSPart Of Speech
PSLUPyatigorsk State Linguistic University
PVPhrasal Verb
QDQuantifier Depth
RLRegular Language