Math Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon:



AGMArithmetic Geometric Mean
AGSAlgebra Geometry And Statistics
AGTAnomalous Gauge Theory
AGTAlgebra Geometry and Trigonometry
AGTPAutomated Geometry Theorem Proving
AGWsAcoustic-Gravity Waves
AHArithmetical Hierarchy
AHalgebra AH
AHPAnalytic Hierarchy Process
AIAlgebraically Independent
AIAll Inclusive
AICAkaike Information Criterion
AICcAkaike Information Criterion, corrected
AIMAll Inclusive Method
AIMAdvanced Integration Method
AIMAlice Interactive Mathematics
AIMAmerican Institute of Mathematics
AIMAmerican Inst of Mathematics
AIMEAmerican Invitational Mathematics Examination
AIMSActivities for Integrating Mathematics and Science
AIMSAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences
AIMSAlbuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science
AIRAdditive Increase Rate
AISMAnnals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics