Mechanics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Mechanics terminology and jargon:



4PSFour Phase Sequence
AAMAmerican Academy of Mechanics
AAMMAdvances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
AARCAustralian Automotive Research Centre
ABSAir Break Switch
ACCBAngular Contact Ball Bearing
ACCPASNT Central Certification Program
ACFMAsian Congress of Fluid Mechanics
ACHAir Change per Hour
ADSAuto Deceleration System
AEBSAdvanced Emergency Braking System
AEMAerospace Engineering and Mechanics
AFMCAustralasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
AIMEAmerican Institute of Mechanical Engineers
AIRAlternate Inflator Regulator
AJAsk Jarvis
ALArtificial Intelligence
AMCEApplied Mechanics and Civil Engineering
AMFAAircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association
AMFAAmerican Mechanics Fraternal Association
AMMAdaptive Mission Mechanics
APCOMAsia-Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics
APDVAdvance Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition
ARVAsset Replacement Value
ASDAnti-Slip Differential