News & Media Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the News & Media terminology and jargon:



ADNAnchorage Daily News
ADNIAsia Defence News International
ADNPArizona Digital Newspaper Program
ADPAudience Discussion Program
ADRAutomatic Dialogue Replacement
ADRAdditional Dialogue Recording
ADRAudio Dialogue Replacement
ADRAdditional Dialogue Replacement
ADRAutomated Dialogue Replacement
ADRAudio-Digital Recording
ADSLAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADTAccumulated Delay Transcription
ADTRA Day To Remember
ADVAuthors Definitive Version
ADWDA Dance With Dragons
AEAbstract Expressionism
AEArtifact Entertainment
AEAutomatic Exposure
AEAfter the End
AEAlter Ego
AEAcademic Edition
AEAActors Equity Association
AEBAutomatic Exposure Bracketing
AEENAfrican Economic Editors Network