Meteorology Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Meteorology terminology and jargon:



CDMCanadian Drought Monitor
CDMPClimate Database Modernization Program
CDMSCentralized Data Management System
CDOCentral Dense Overcast
CDRCritical Design Review
CECOMCommunications and Electronics Command
CEDARCoupling Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions
CEEFCumulus Expansion Enabling Factor
CEMSCSCentral Environmental Satellite Computer System
CENRCommittee on Environment and Natural Resources
CEOICentre for Earth Observation Instrumentation
CEOSCentre for Earth Observation Science
CERESClouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System
CETCertified Electronics Technician
CFCanopy Formation
CFEPCommunications Front-End Processor
CFFCartographic Feature File
CFIJCharlie, Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne hurricanes
CGCPClimate and Global Change Program
CGMSCoordination Group for Meteorological Satellites
CGSPCologne Global Study Program
CHAMMPComputer Hardware Advanced Mathematics and Model Physics
CHANCESClimatological and Historical Analysis of Clouds for Environmental Simulations
CICSCooperative Institute for Climate Science
CIDCompact Intracloud Discharge