Miscellaneous Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Miscellaneous terminology and jargon:



AHM-Acurately hazardous material
AHTAverage Handling Time
AICAkaike Information Criterion
AightAll right
AIHTAm I Hearing Things?
AIMAmbition In Mind
AIMMCAm I making Myself Clear
AIMVTAcademy of Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians
AISCSMAll India Sunrise Computer Saksharta Mission
AIWAm I Wrong
AIWMAmerican Institute of Weights & Measurers
AKSAlpha Kappa Sigma
ALAnnual Leave
ALAPAs Low As Practicable
ALIEAll Love Is Equal
ALLAHAm Living Large At Home
ALLAHAm Living Lavishly And Happy
ALLAHAm Living Lovely And Happy
ALLOW1.Allowance 2.Allowable (Allowable pressure ....)
ALOAA Lot Of Abbreviations
ALTArgon laser trabeculoplasty
ALTAngelic Light Transmissions

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