Music Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Music terminology and jargon:



$$$$outh $ide $uicide
1DOne Direction
2NE1New Evolution of the 21st Century
2Y2KToo Young To Kill
2YEYing Yang Email.
30S2MThirty Seconds to Mars
30STM30 Seconds To Mars
3DThird Day
3DD3 Doors Down
3DG3 Days Grace
3LGThree Levels of Genius
4PMFor Positive Music
5G81960 Fender Twin Amplifier, small-box, low power
5SOS5 Seconds of Summer
8L3W8 Letters 3 Words
8OD80 Decibels
8VAOctiva Alta (play an octave higher)
8VBOctiva Bassa (play an octave lower)
A2IMAmerican Association of Independent Music
A3KAndre 3000
A7XAvenged Sevenfold
A7XAvenges Sevenfold
AAAdult Accompaniment