Nuclear Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Nuclear terminology and jargon:



ABNMAmerican Board of Nuclear Medicine
AGNESAnti Gravity Nuclear Earth Station
AGNESAnti Gravity Nuclear Energy Supply
ANAAuto Nuclear Antibodies
ANAAnti Nuclear Antibody
ANACAuckland Nuclear Accessory Company
ANALAft Nuclear Accident Locker
ANBPAsia Nuclear Business Platform
ANFAtlantic Nuclear Force
ANMRAcoustic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
ANNTAnti nuclear Northern Territory
ANOArkansas Nuclear One
ANPCApplied Nuclear Physics Conference
ANPPArizona Nuclear Power Project
ANPPArmenian Nuclear Power Plant
ANPPArmy Nuclear Power Program
ANWAAdvanced Nuclear Weapons Alliance
ANWPActive Nuclear Weapons Products
ARNSAnnual Review of Nuclear Science
ARRSAirborne Radioactivity Removal System
ASNCAmerican Society of Nuclear Cardiology
ASNFAluminum Spent Nuclear Fuel
AWACAdvanced Warning And Containment
BINCEBuffered Intercontinental Nuclear Catastrophic Event
BINPBattelle Integrity of Nuclear Piping