Nuclear Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Nuclear terminology and jargon:



LLLWLiquid Low-Level Waste
LNOLimited Nuclear Options
LNSPLaboratory for Nuclear Security and Policy
LNSPLaboratory of Nuclear Security and Policy
LTFRLiquid Thorium Fluoride Reactor
LYNELow Yield Nuclear Explosive
MADMutual assured destruction
MADMutually assured destruction
MCXMultiple Coolant Exchange
MENTMyeloid and Erythroid Nuclear Termination
MINDSMiniature Integrated Nuclear Detection System
MNDAMyeloid Nuclear Differentiation Antigen
MNFCMultilateralization of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
MNVMean Nuclear Volume
NAENuclear Active Environment
NAIRANuclear Accident Incident Response and Assistance
NANDANorth American Nuclear Detection Architecture
NANICNorth Anna Nuclear Information Center
NANPNational Association of Nuclear Pharmacies
NBNuclear Bombing
NBNuclear Bomb
NBDSNuclear Burst Detection System
NBWNuclear Bubble Wrap
NCBPNuclear Cap-Binding Protein
NCCRNuclear Construction Cost Recovery