NYSE Symbols Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the NYSE Symbols terminology and jargon:



ANAutomation, Inc. of Delaware
ANB PAAbbey National, PLC. Preferred A
ANFAbercrombie & Fitch Company
ANJ PANZ Exchangeable Preferred Trust II
ANNAnnTaylor Stores Corporation
ANSAirnet Systems, Inc.
ANU PANZ Exchangeable Preferred Trust
ANZAustralia & New Zealand Banking
ANZ PAustralia & New Zealand Banking Preferred
AO PAAmerco, Inc. Preferred A
AOCAON Corporation
AODAlpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
AOFA C M Government Opportunity Fund, Inc.
AOGAlberta Energy, LTD.
AOG PAAlberta Energy, LTD. Preferred A
AOLAmerica Online, Inc./ Time Warner
AORAurora Foods, Inc.
AOSA. O. Smith Corporation
APAmpco-Pittsburg Corporation
APAApache Corporation
APA PCApache Corporation Preferred C
APBAsia Pacific Fund, Inc.
APCAnadarko Petroleum Corporation
APDAir Products & Chemicals, Incorporated
APFM S D W Asia- Pacific Fund

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