NYSE Symbols Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the NYSE Symbols terminology and jargon:



APHAmphenol Corporation
APJAppalachian Power Company
APRAmerican Precision Industries, Inc.
APUAmerigas Partners, L. P.
APWApplied Power, Inc.
APXApex Municipal Fund, Inc.
APZApplied Industrial Technologies, Inc.
AQMQ M S, Inc.
AQQAmerican Spectrum Realty
ARAAracruz Celulose, S. A.
ARBAmerican Realty Trust, Inc.
ARCAtlantic Richfield Company
ARC PAAtlantic Richfield Company Preferred A
ARC PCAtlantic Richfield Company Preferred C
AREAlexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
ARE PAAlexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Preferred A
ARGAirGas, Inc.
ARHAsia Pacific Resources, LTD.
ARIArden Realty, Inc.
ARJArch Chemicals, Inc.
ARKSenior High Income Partners of Florida, Inc.
ARN PAAmerican Re Capital A
ARTA C Nielsen Corporation
ARVArvin Industries, Inc.
ARWArrow Electronics, Inc.

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