Observatories Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Observatories terminology and jargon:



AAASAmerican Association in Advancement of Sciences
AGOAutomatic Geophysical Observatory
AMONAstrophysical Multimessenger Observatory Network
AOAstronomical Observatory
AOSOAdvance Orbiting Solar Observatory
APOApache Point Observatory
APOApache Peak Observatory
ASOAirborne Snow Observatory
ASVOAll Sky Virtual Observatory
ATTOAmazonian Tall Tower Observatory
ATTOAmazon Tall Tower Observatory
BBOBig Bang Observatory
BEOBarrow Environmental Observatory
BGBOBarren Grounds Bird Observatory
BLMOBotswana Labour Market Observatory
BSBOBlack Swamp Bird Observatory
BSUOBall State University Observatory
CAOCarnegie Airborne Observatory
CDSOCornero Deep Sky Observatory
CEONCircumarctic Environmental Observatories Network
CGROCompton Gamma Ray Observatory
COBOCoastal Ocean Benthic Observatories
COHCanadian Observatory on Homelessness
CRBOCosta Rica Bird Observatories

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