Observatories Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Observatories terminology and jargon:



MBOMcGill Bird Observatory
MGIOMount Graham International Observatory
MGOMain Geophysical Observatory
MHOMount Hopkins Observatory
MIPOMediterranean Investment Project Observatory
MJUOMount John University Observatory
MKOCNMauna Kea Observatories Communication Network (Institute for Astronomy; University of Hawaii)
MLOMauna Loa Observatory
MLOMarine Life Observatory
MLSOMauna Loa Solar Observatory
MOSAiCMultidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate
MOSTMolonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope
MRAOMullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
MROMagdalena Ridge Observatory
MSSOMlo And Sliding Springs Observatory
MTOMinnesota Traffic Observatory
MWOMount Wilson Observatory
MWOMount Washington Observatory
NAOCNational Astronomical Observatory of China
NAOCNational Astronomical Observatories of China
NAOJNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan
NDSONautilus Deep Space Observatory
NIFONational Interoperability Frameworks Observatory
NIFONational Interoperability Framework Observatory
NIMONorth Inlet Microbial Observatory

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