Physics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Physics terminology and jargon:



ACFMAdvanced Coal Flow Measurement
ACMAdiabatic Connection Model
ACMPAdvances in Condensed Matter Physics
ACPAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics
ACPAmerican Center for Physics
ACPDAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions
ACPRAdjacent Channel Power Ratio
ACRAdvanced Candu Reactor
ACRRAnnular Core Research Reactor
ACRUAstrophysics Cosmology Research Unit
ACRUAstrophysics and Cosmology Research Unit
ACWAnti Clock Wise
ADAFAdvection-Dominated Accretion Flow
ADAMAbsolute Disintegration of Available Mass
ADATSAnalog Delayed Annihilation Time Spectra
ADFAmplitude-Dependent Friction
ADIAdvanced Distance Integration
ADMAbsolute Distance Meter
ADRAutomatic Device Replacement
ADSAutomated Dynamic Shear
ADTMAlternate Density Transmission Medium
ADVAutomatic Drain Valve
ADVPAcoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler
AECActive Energy Control