Psychology Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Psychology terminology and jargon:



CAMConfusion Assessment Method
CAMASCoordinated Application, Matching, And Admissions System For Graduate Programs In Psychology
CAMFCertified Anger Management Facilitator
CAPASARAd Hoc Committee On Apa/State Association Relations
CAPOCCivil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command
CAPPCertificate in Applied Positive Psychology
CAPPSCouncil for the Advancement of Psychological Professions and Sciences
CAPRCenter for Applied Psychological Research
CAPSCapscounseling And Psychological Services
CAPSClinical-Administered PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Scale
CASPCentre For Applied Social Psychology
CATCCCentre Avançat de Teràpia Cognitiu-Conductual
CATSCognitive Ability Test Six
CATSCognitive Activation Theory of Stress
CAWDChronic Alternate World Disorder
CBDICognitive Behavioral Drivers Inventory
CBMSCriminal Behavior Modification Specialist
CBTCognitive-Behavioral Therapy
CCAPSCommission For Counseling And Psychological Services
CCAPSCounseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms
CCCCounselling Code of Conduct
CCDPCouncil of Canadian Departments of Psychology
CCGCCertified Compulsive Gambling Counselor
CCHtCertified Clinical Hypnotherapist
CCPSCenters For Counseling And Psychological Services