Railroads Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Railroads terminology and jargon:



AAlton Railroad
AAAnn Arbor Railroad
AAAXAAA Warehouse Corporation (Shell Oil)
AACXAlaska Division of Agriculture
AADXAirco Alloys and Carbide
AAEXAmerican Aniline and Extract
AAIXACS International Inc
AAKXAmulco Asphalt
AALXAdvanced Aromatics, LP
AAMXACFA Arrendadora de Carros de Ferrocarril S. A.
AAMXACF Industries Shippers Car Line Division
AARAssociation of American Railroads
AARAmerican Association of Railroaders
AARAmerican Association of Railroads
AARSAmerican Association of Railroad Superintendents
AARXAssociation of American Railroads
AATXAmpacet Corporation
AAXAmerican Agricultural Chemical (Agrico Chemical)
ABAkron Barberton Cluster Railway Company
ABAkron Barberton Cluster Railway
ABBAkron and Barberton Belt Railroad Company
ABBAkron and Barberton Belt Railroad
ABBUAtlantic Bulk Carriers Management Ltd
ABBXAbbott Laboratories
ABBXAbbott Labs

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