Religion Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Religion terminology and jargon:



ABECAmerican Baptist Extension Corporation
ABFAdult Bible Fellowship
ABHAtherton Baptist Homes
ABHMAmerican Baptist Homes of the Midwest
ABHMSAmerican Baptist Home Mission Society
ABHSArkansas Baptist High School
ABICA Believer In Christ
ABIMAmerican Baptist International Ministries
ABIMAngkatan Belia Islam Malaysia
ABODApprentice Boys of Derry
ABPSAmerican Baptist Personnel Services
ABPSAmerican Baptist Publication Society
ABRCAmitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre
ABRCArizona Baptist Retirement Centers
ABRFAustralian Baptist Retirement Fund
ABSAdult Bible Study
ABSArea Bible Studies
ABSArea Bible Study
ABSCAlabama Baptist State Convention
ABSCArkansas Baptist State Conventions
ABSSAkhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang
ABSWAmerican Baptist Seminary of the West
ABTSArab Baptist Theological Seminary
ABUArlington Baptist University