Religion Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Religion terminology and jargon:



YPMYoung Performing Missionary
YPSCEYoung People's Society of Christian Endeavour
YRMYale Religious Ministries
YRMYahweh's Restoration Ministry
YRMYork Rescue Missions
YRPYork Religion Police
YRUUYoung Religious Unitarian Universalists
YSAYoung Sindhi Adults
YSTYeshiva Shaarei Torah
YTIYouth Theological Initiative
YTTYeshiva Torah Temimah
YTUYarra Theological Union
YTUYankton Trusty Unit
YUGOYouth Under Gods Orders
YUGOYouth Unlimited Gospel Outreach
YUMCYorkville United Methodist Church (Union Grove, WI)
YUMCYardley United Methodist Church (Yardley, PA)
YWBAYoughiogheny Western Baptist Association
YWBAYoung Womens Buddhist Association
YWCAYoung Women's Christian Association
YWCAYoung Women Christian Association
YWMYoung Women's Ministry
YWMAYoung Womens Muslim Association
YWRYouth Worship Radio
ZACZoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago