Research Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Research terminology and jargon:



ABSORBArctic Beaufort Sea Oilspill Research Body
ACARAzrieli Centre for Autism Research
ACARAAmrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda
ACARTAdvanced Centre for Automotive Research and Testing
ACBRAmbedkar Center for Biomedical Research
ACBRAfrican Community Based Research
ACCAREAboriginal Consultative Committee Advising Research and Evaluation
ACCORDAll Campus Collaborative on Outreach Research and Dissemination
ACCPASNT Central Certification Program
ACCRAdvisory Council for Clinical Research
ACCRAAmerican Chamber of Commerce Research Association
ACDRAfrican Centre for Development and Research
ACEARAmbala College of Engineering and Applied Research
ACECRAcademic Center for Education, Culture and Research
ACERTAcademic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching
ACFRAuckland Centre for Financial Research
ACFRAdvisory Committee on Fisheries Research
ACGRAustralian Council of Graduate Research
ACHRAdvisory Committee on Health Research
ACHRAustralian Centre for Health Research
ACIARAustralian Center for International Agricultural Research
ACIRIAmrita Center for Industrial Research and Innovation
ACIRRTAustralian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Teaching
ACJRAssociation of Criminal Justice Research
ACJRAssociation for Criminal Justice Research