Research Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Research terminology and jargon:



AHRIAware Home Research Initiative
AHRQAgency for Health Research and Quality
AHRQAgency for Healthcare Research and Quality
AHTRAdvances in Hospitality and Tourism Research
AICAkaike Information Criterion
AICRAmerican Institute for Cancer Research
AICRAdvances in Consciousness Research
AICRAustin Institute for Clinical Research
AICRAssociation for International Cancer Research
AIERAmerican Institute for Economic Research
AIFRAmerican Institute for Financial Research
AIFRArtificial Intelligence for Fundamental Research
AIMAction and Investment to defeat Malaria
AIMSAbnormal Involuntary Movements Scale
AIMSAnaesthesia Incident Monitoring Study
AIRAssociation for Institutional Research
AIRAcademy for Innovation and Research
AIRAcademy for Innovation Research
AIRBAnteater Instruction Research Building
AIRBAnteater Instruction and Research Building
AIRCArtificial Intelligence Research Center
AIRCAustralian Innovation Research Centre
AIRCAerospace International Research Center
AIRFAdvanced Instrumentation Research Facility
AIRGAdaptation And Impacts Research Group