Residential Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Residential terminology and jargon:



1LRResidential Line
AARCAfrican American Residential Caucus
AAROAssociation of Americans Resident Overseas
ABCDAsset-Based Community Development
ACMAsbestos Containing Material
ACRCArapahoe County Residential Center
ADROAbu Dhabi Residents Office
AIRDAppraisal Institute Residential Database
AIRPMAssociate of the Institute of Residential Property Management
AIRSAIDS Interfaith Residential Services
ALRCAssisted Living and Residential Care
ALRPSAssisted Living Resident Profile Survey
AMHRAdvanced Mental Health Resident
AMRPAlarm Management Resident Process
APRCAlien Permanent Resident Certificate
APRCAwaiting Placement for Residential Care
APRILAssociation of Programs for Rural Independent Living
APRJCAndhra Pradesh Residential Junior Colleges
APRJCA P Residential Junior Colleges
APRSAndhra Pradesh Residential School
APRSKAndhra Pradesh Residential School, Kodigenahalli
APT NOapartment number
APTWRAndhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare Residential
ARArkansas Resident
ARAAssistant Resident Advisor