Russian Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Russian terminology and jargon:



RDMRussian Doll Model
RDSARussian Dance Sport Association
REECRussian and Eastern European Club
REESPRussian and East European Studies Program
RELDRussian Elite Listen Deep
RERSRussian Estonian Rail Services
RESWRussian Embassy School in Washington,
RFRussian Federation
RFBRRussian Foundation for Basic Research
RFFRRussian Fund for Fundamental Research
RFFRRussian Foundation of Fundamental Research
RFLSRussian French Laser Symposium
RFNRussian Football News
RFRIRussian Folk Religious Imagination
RFWRussian Fashion Week
RGFRussian Ground Forces
RGMTRussian Gothic Mod Team
RGURussian Grain Union
RHECRussian Higher Education Conference
RHRPRed Hot Russian Peppers
RIACRussian International Affairs Council
RIPMPRussian Independent Print Media Program
RISRussian Imperial Stout
RIWRussian Internet Week
RJDRussian Jewish Division