Cyber & Security Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Cyber & Security terminology and jargon:



AKMCAutomated Key Management Center
AKMSAutomated Key Management System
ALASApplied Logic and Security
ALDCSActive Lift Distribution Control System
AMPAdvanced Malware Protection
AMSCAlexandria Model of Security Council
AMTAnti-Motion Tracker
ANDFArchitectural Neutral Distribution Format
ANDSFAfghan National Defence and Security Forces
ANRAutomatic Network Replenishment
ANSLAll Night Security Lights
ANTSA New Trojan Scanner
AODAuthority On Demand
AOPBAdvanced Office Password Breaker
APAAuthentication Perpendicular Array
APAPArmy Privacy Act Program
APARSAuto Permissioning, Authorization, and Reporting System
APASAutomated Prior Authorization System
APFAdvance Policy Firewall
APGAutomated Password Generator
APKIArchitecture for Public Key Infrastructure
APKSAll Pairwise Key Scheme
APSAOL Password Stealer
APSAAfrican Peace and Security Architecture