Cyber & Security Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Cyber & Security terminology and jargon:



BISSBaltic Information and Security Systems
BISSBase Intrusion Security Systems
BITNETBecause It is Time NETwork
BKABatched Key Access
BKEBilateral Key Exchange
BKLBig Kernel Lock
BOSBest Of Security
BPEByte Pair Encoding
BPIBaseline Privacy Interface
BSCISBachelor Of Science In Cyber And Information Security
BSFBootstrapping Server Function
BSGBelonging Security Goal
BSIMMBuilding Security In Maturity Model
BSPBest Security Practices
BTBack Trace
BUDRBack-Up and Disaster Recovery
BWFBarbed Wire Fence
CAConditional Access
CACertificate Authority
CACertification Authority
CACerificate Authority
CAACollusion Attack Algorithm
CAARComputer Assisted Accreditation Reporting
CAASCommon Authentication and Authorization Service
CACECenter for Applied Cyber Education