Software Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Software terminology and jargon:



!logical NOT, Negation
+Logical OR, disjunction
0A3OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Activaton 3.0
10GBTen Gigabytes
1GLFirst Generation Language (Machine Language)
1TBSOne True Brace Style
2000version 5.0 of Microsoft Windows
2GLSecond Generation Language (Assembly Language)
3DAThree-Dimensional Array
3GLThird Generation Language
3GPPThird Generation Partnership Project
3PPThird Party Publishing
3PSWThird Party Software
3SSun Smart Solutions
5GLFifth-Generation Language
8Version 6.2 of Microsoft Windows
95version 4.0 of Microsoft Windows
98version 4.1 of Microsoft Windows
A-BUGAdSonar - Bulk Upload Gateway
A/CAcceptance Criteria
AAAAutomated Atlantis Assistants
AACAdvanced Audio Coding