Software Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Software terminology and jargon:



AELApplication Extension Language
AELIAAn Enterprise Leader In Applications
AEOSAlset Engine Operating Software
AEPArchitecture Evolution Plan
AEPSAssessment Evaluation and Programming System
AEPSAssessment Evaluation Programming System
AEPSAssessment, Evaluation, and Programming System
AEROAnimation Editor for Realistic Object
AERPAutomated Export Reporting Program
AESAsynchronous Event Scheduler
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AESApplication Environment Services
AESSAdvanced Employment Services Simulation
AETAverage Execution Time
AETAdvanced Encryption Technology
AEWBAssume Everything Will Break
AEWBDAssume Everything Will Break Development
AFAuthority File
AFAuthentication Framework
AFActive Frame
AFCPAvesta Flow Control Protocol
AFDAutomatic File Distributor
AFDAutomatic Field Decoding
AFDAdvanced Fullscreen Debug