Software Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Software terminology and jargon:



ACWGAmerican Civil War: Gettysburg (computer game)
ADApplication Development
ADApplications Development
ADAdaptive Dither
ADAProgramming language named after Lady Ada Augusta Byron
ADAA Detection Algorithm
ADACAdvanced Digital Acoustic Coding
ADADLAda Design and Documentation Language
ADAMActive Design and Analysis Modeling
ADAMActive Directory Application Mode
ADAMAlgorithm Development And Mining
ADAMSAutomated Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems
ADAPTAgricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit
ADAPTAg Data Application Programming Toolkit
ADASARPS Data Analysis System
ADASSAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems
ADCAutomatic Data Completion
ADCSTAdvanced Diploma in Computer Software Technology
ADCTAnalysis, Design, Code, Test
ADCTActive Directory Change Tracker
ADCUApplication Developers Customer Unit
ADCUAdvanced Data Communications Utility
ADDLArtifact Design Description Language
ADDSActive Directory Domain Services
ADDTAdvanced Data-Driven Testing