Software Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Software terminology and jargon:



ADLCApplication Development Lifecycle
ADMApplication Development Methodology
ADMAdvanced Desktop Manager
ADMAuto Driver Management
ADMAccenture Delivery Method
ADMApplication Development and Maintenance
ADMTActive Directory Migration Tool
ADNAdobe Developers Network
ADOActiveX Data Object
ADOAccess Data Object
ADO.NETActiveX Data Object
ADODBActiveX Data Object DataBase
ADODCADO Data Control
ADPAvery Design Pro
ADPAuto Delivery Program
ADPAcyclic Depencies Principe
ADPMAdvanced Dynamic Program Management
ADRAustralian Design Rules
ADRAdvanced Digital Recording
ADRGArc Digitized Raster Graphics
ADSApplication Development System
ADSAutocad Development System
ADSARM Developer Suite
ADSApplied Digital Solution
ADSAnalytic Data Set