Stock Exchange Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Stock Exchange terminology and jargon:



BVLLima Stock Exchange
BVLLisbon Stock Exchange
BVRJBolsa de Valores do Rio de Janeiro
BVRJRio de Janeiro Stock Exchange
CADCash Against Documents
CAESComputer-Assisted Execution System
CAGRCompound Annual Growth Rate
CAMELCapital Assets Management Earnings Liquidity
CAPMCapital Asset Pricing Model
CAPSCapital Augmented Preferred Shares
CASECairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange
CATSComputer-Assisted Trading System
CBCurrent Bid
CBConstantly Buying
CBCounter Bid
CBCurrent Billing
CBBChicago Board Brokerage
CBBCCallable Bull/Bear Contracts
CBOCollateralized Bond Obligation
CBOEChicago Board Options Exchange
CBOTChicago Board Of Trade
CBTCash Before Trade
CBVCobra Venture Company
CCACanadian Corporation Assets
CCASSCentral Clearing And Settlement System