Tax Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Tax terminology and jargon:



UTAPUtility Tax Avoidance Program
UTAPUtilities Tax Avoidance Program
UTEPUniform Tax Exempt Policy
UTGSTUnion Territory Goods And Service Tax
UTPUncertain Tax Position
UTTRU Turn Tax Refund
UUTUtility User Tax
VAValue Added
VATValue Added Taxes
VATValue-Added Tax
VATValue added tax
VATINVAT identification number
VATINValue Added Tax Identification Number
VATREVoter Approval Tax Rate Election
VATREVoter Approved Tax Rate Election
VCDTVenture Capital Deficit Tax
VCTCVoluntary Cleanup Tax Credits
VCTCVoluntary Cleanup Tax Credit (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)
VCTCVoluntary Contributions Tax Credit
VEETCVolumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit
VLTVacant Land Tax
VPTVacant Property Tax
VRTVehicle Registration Tax
VTAPVolunteer Tax Assistance Program
VTFMValiante Tax and Financial Management