Tax Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Tax terminology and jargon:



BTACBusiness Tax Advisory Committee
BTARBusiness Tax Administrative Rules
BTCFBefore Tax Cash Flow
BTIBinding Tariff Information
BTRBusiness Tax Receipt
BTRBusiness Tax Receipts
BTRCBusiness Tax Registration Certificate
BWTBackup Withholding Tax
BWTCBasic World Tax Code
CADCCrown Assets Distribution Centre
CAHTCalifornians Against Higher Taxes
CAREChildren Allowable Receipts And Expenses
CARECommunications, Assistance, Research & Education
CAREChildcare Access and Relief from Expenses
CATAColorado Association of Tax Appraisers
CATCCollege Access Tax Credit
CBDTCentral Board of Direct Taxes
CBDTCentral Board Of Direct Taxation
CBDTCentral Bureau for Direct Taxes
CBDTcentral Board of Direct tax
CBITCentral Board of Indirect Tax
CBTCorporation Business Tax
CBTDCommercial Buildings Tax Deduction
CCITChief Commissioner of Income Tax
CCRACanada Customs and Revenue Agency