Theater Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Theater terminology and jargon:



AACTAuburn Area Community Theatre
AACTAmerican Association of Community Theatre
AANTAmerican Associates of the National Theatre
AATCAsian American Theater Company
ABCTAnthony Bean Community Theater
ABETAtlantic Beach Experimental Theatre
ABTAmerican Ballet Theatre's
ABTArizona Broadway Theatre
ABTTAssociation of British Theatre Technicians
ACATAqua City Actors Theatre
ACCTAldersgate Church Community Theater
ACTA Contemporary Theatre
ACTORAmateur Community Theatre Of Rowlett
ACTTActive and Creative Teen Theatre
ADITIArt Dance Imaging Theatre Interaction
ADTRAboriginal Dance Theatre Redfern
AETFAll-England Theatre Festival
AITGApplied and Interactive Theatre Guide
ALTAAlliance of Latinx Theater Artists
ALTIArt Live Theatre International
AMLTAmerican Magic Lantern Theater
AMTPAmerican Music Theatre Project
AMTSJAmerican Musical Theatre of San Jose
ANTAAmerican National Theatre and Academy
ANTTAboriginal National Theatre Trust