Therapy Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Therapy terminology and jargon:



AMFTAssociate Marriage and Family Therapist
AMPSAssessment of Motor and Process Skills
AMPTAdvanced Manual Physical Therapy
AMRTArc Modulated Radiation Therapy
AMSAntimicrobial stewardship
AMTSAssociation for Music Therapy Singapore
AOAAtaxia with oculomotor apraxia
AODTAnti Osteoporosis Drug Therapy
AORTAutomatic Operative Robotic Therapy
AOTAAmerican Occupational Therapy Association
AOTPACAmerican Occupational Therapy Political Action Committee
AOTSAbraham Occupational Therapy Services
APCTAdvanced Psychosomatic Character Therapy
APPLEAcknowledge Pause Pull back Let go Explore
APPTAcademy of Pediatric Physical Therapy
APRTAdvanced Practice Respiratory Therapist
APTAAmerican Physical Therapy Association
APTCAdvanced Physical Therapy Center
APTEIAdvanced Physical Therapy Education Institute
APTGAarhus Particle Therapy Group
APTGAtlantis Physical Therapy Group
APWTAcoustic Pressure Wound Therapy
ARFAcute rheumatic fever
ARTAntiretroviral Therapy
ARTCAdult Recreation Therapy Centre