Time Zones Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Time Zones terminology and jargon:



a.m.ante meridiem - morning, before noon
ACDTAustralian Central Daylight Time
ACEAfter Christian Era
ACSTAustralian Central Standard Time [Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) + 0930]
ACSTAustralian Central Standard Time
ACTAustralian Central Time
ADTAtlantic Daylight Time
ADTArabia Daylight Time
AEDSTAustralian Eastern Daylight Savings Time
AEDSTAustralian Eastern Daylight Saving Time
AESTAustralian Eastern Standard Time [UTC + 1000]
AETAustralian Eastern Time
AFTAfghanistan Time
AKDTAlaska Daylight Saving Time [UTC - 0900]
AKDTAfghanistan Time
AKSTAlaska Standard Time [UTC - 1000]
AKTAlaska (AK) Time
ALMTAlma-Ata Time
AMAnte Meridiem
AMAnte Meridian
AMSTArmenia Summer Time
AMSTAmazon Summer Time
AMTArmenia Time
AMTAmazon Time
ANASTAnadyr Summer Time

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