US Government Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the US Government terminology and jargon:



1LTFirst Lieutenant - Army
1SGFirst Sergeant - Army
1st LtFirst Lieutenant - USAF
1stLtFirst Lieutenant - Marines
1stSgtFirst Sergeant - Marines
2 LTSecond Lieutenant - Marines
3RsRecruitment, Relocation bonuses, and Retention allowances
A/DActive Duty
AAAn Agency
AAAdjusted Allotment
AAAs Amended
AAAdverse Action
AAAmarillo Area Office
AAAssistance Administration
AAAssistant Administrator
AAAtlantic Alliance
AAAmerica's Answer
AAArmed Forces Americas
AAAAmerican Arbitration Association
AAAAgricultural Adjustment Administration
AAAAgricultural Adjustment Act
AAAAAuthentication Authorization Accounting And Auditing
AABNCPAdvanced AirBorne National Command Post
AACCAffirmative Action and Contract Compliance