US Government Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the US Government terminology and jargon:



WWASWoodWorking Accident Survey
WWASWatch, Warning, Advisory, and Statement
WWBEWhite Woman Business Enterprise
WWCWhat Works Clearinghouse
WWFEWorld Wide Fraud Exchange
WWGWorld Wide Grid
WWGPWriting Winning Grant Proposals
WWHDWhat We Have Done
WWIWorld War I
WWIIWorld War II
WWISWorld Weather Information Service
WWNFWallowa- Whitman National Forest
WWNPWilliams Woods Nature Preserve
WWOWorld Wide Operations
WWOCWorkfare Workers Organizing Committee
WWTCWelfare-to- Work Tax Credit
WWTWWords of Wisdom in a Time of War
WWUWeighted Work Unit
WWVCWorldWide VideoConferencing
WWVSWorking With the Voluntary Sector
WWYLWork While You Learn
WXDBWeather Database
WXDMWeather-related Decision Making
WXTWireless Transmitter