Vaccine Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Vaccine terminology and jargon:



TFVCTexans For Vaccine Choice
TIVTrivalent Influenza Vaccine
TIVTrivalent (Inactivated) Influenza Vaccine (replaced by the term IIV)
TOPVTrivalent Oral Poliovirus Vaccines
TOPVTrivalent Oral Poliomyelitis Vaccine
TTCVTetanus Toxoid Containing Vaccine
TVRPTherapeutic and Vaccine Research Program
Ty21aLive Oral Typhoid Vaccine
VAPVaccine Action Program
VAPPVaccine Associated Paralytic Poliomyelitis
VBIRVaccine Based Immunotherapy Regimens
VDPSVaccine Damage Payment Scheme
VERPVaccine Errors Reporting Program
VERPVaccine Error Reporting Program
VFAVaccines For Adults
VICVaccine Immunotherapy Center
VICVaccine and Immunotherapy Center
VICPVaccine Injury Compensation Program
VICPVaccine Injuries Claim Program
ViCPSVi Capsular Polysaccharide (Inactivated Typhoid) Vaccine
VIDOVaccine and Infectious Disease Organization
VIGVaccine Immune Globulin
VISVaccine Information Statements
VPGsVaccine Purchasing Groups
VSNVaccine Safety Net