Websites Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Websites terminology and jargon:



BLBBBody Love Body Bliss
BLDNBoltek Lightning Detection Network
BLDNBrick Luke Deez Nuts
BLOTWBus Lists On The Web
BMWMotorsport website
BNTDBack N The Day
BOLSBell Of Lost Souls
BONCABritish Online Creator Awards
BOOTANGA boyfriend/girlfriend nick name
BOSBest Opposite Sex
BPBored Panda
BRAINBrain Runs As Intelligent Network
BRIKBuilding Research Information Knowledgebase
BROGBergs Review Of Games
BSBest Site
BSDBranded Short Domain
BTAWBetter Than Average Websites
BTNBent Technology Network
BTTVBetter Twitch.TV
BWABread Winners Association
BWRBranson World Radio
BYDBuild Your Dream
CAPCreate A Pokemon
CATSContent Access and Traffic Security
CATSContent Acquisition and Templating System