Accounting Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Accounting terminology and jargon:



ADRAmerican Depositary Receipt
ADRAverage Daily Rate
ADRAccounting Department Revenue
ADSAlternative Depreciation System
ADSAverage Dollar Sale
ADSNAccounting Disbursing Station Numbers
AEActual Expense
AEAdministrative Entity
AEAccounting policy
AECAverage Efficiency Cost
AECAnnual Equivalent Capital
AECAAsociacion Espanola de Contabilidad y Adminsitracion de Empresas
AECCAccounting Education Change Commission
AECMAccounting Education using Computers & Multimedia
AECSAudit Engagement Control Sheet
AEIAverage Earnings Index
AEPAudit Engagement Partner
AEPUAverage Expense Per User
AEPUAverage Expense Per Unit
AERAnnual Equivalent Rate
AERAnnual Equivalent Return
AERSAMLO (Anti-Money Laundering Office) Electronic Reporting System
AERSAutomated Earnings Reporting System