Accounting Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Accounting terminology and jargon:



AFCAAssociate of the Association of Financial Controllers and Administrators
AFDAAllowance For Doubtful Accounts
AFDCAid to Families with Dependent Children
AFEAuthorization For Expenditure
AFEAverage Funds Employed
AFFAdvanced Fee Fraud
AFFAuctioning of a Failing Firm
AFFEAccountants for Free Enterprise
AFFSAccounting First Financial Services
AFGAccounting for Growth
AFGAAccounting and Finance Graduates Association
AFIAwaiting Faxed Invoice
AFIPAssociation of Finance and Insurance Professionals
AFMAccountany and Financial Management
AFMAutoriteit Financiƫle Markten
AFMGAccounting and Financial Management Guidelines
AFNAdditional Funds Needed
AFPCAdvanced Financial Planning Certificate
AFPSAccounting for Pay System
AFRApplicable Federal Rate
AFRAccounting and Financial Reporting
AFROSAIAfrican Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
AFROSAI-EAfrican Organization of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions
AFSAdvanced Farming System
AFSBAccounting For Small Business