Accounting Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Accounting terminology and jargon:



APESBAccounting Professional Ethical Standards Board
APFAAssociation of Professional Financial Advisers
APFSAssociate of The Personal Finance Society
APIAccountants for the Public Interest
APIAccountable Property Inventory
APLGAccounting Programs Leadership Group
APLGAccounting Program Leadership Group
APLLAccountants Professional Limited Liability
APMAccounts Payable Maintenance
APMIAssociate of the Pensions Management Institute
APOAutomatic Payment Order
APOAccurate, Professional, On-time
APOTECAssociacao Portuguesa de Tecnicos de Contabilidade
APPAssociation of Partnership Practitioners
APPMAverage Price Per Minute
APPUAverage Profit Per User
APRAutomatic Payment Receipt
APRAnnualized Percentage Rate
APRAnnual Performance Report
APRAnnual Percentage Rates
APSAdjustment Processing System
APSAutomatic Payroll Systems
APTFAccounting Policy Task Force
APTSAudit Points Tracking System
APYAnnual Percentage Yield