Accounting Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Accounting terminology and jargon:



ACAUSAssociation of Chartered Accountants in the US
ACAUSAssociation of Chartered Accountants in the United States
ACBAutomated Clearing Bureau
ACBAssociation of Certified Book-Keepers
ACC DETAccount Details
ACC-SOPAccounting Standards Executive Committee Statements of Position
ACCAAssociation of Chartered Certified Accountants
ACCAA Crap Chartered Accountant
ACCAAssociation of Certified Corporate Accountants
ACCAAssociation for Chartered Certified Accountants
ACCAAssociation of Certified Chartered Accountant
ACCCAmerican Consumer Credit Counseling
ACCPAAtlantic Conference of Certified Public Accountants, Inc.
ACCSAccounting Classification Code Structure
ACCSAdvanced Cash Control System
ACEAdjusted Current Earnings
ACEAccountability Creativeness And Efficiency
ACEA Checking Experience
ACEAccumulated Cash Equivalence
ACEAAssociate of the Institute of Cost and Executive Accountants
ACEVOAssociation of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations