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Funnies Abbreviations

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FREDFresh Recharge Every DayRate it:
FRGFederation of Racing GermansRate it:
FRIForced Resignations IncorporatedRate it:
FRIENDFor Rooting If Ever Not DatingRate it:
FRIENDFriend Revolution In Earth Never DieRate it:
FRLFruitcake Resistance LeagueRate it:
FROGFreakin Real Old GuyRate it:
FROGFast Road Of GlassRate it:
FROGFlies Right Off the GroundRate it:
FROGFront and Rear On GroundRate it:
FROGFour Really Old GuysRate it:
FROGSFriends And Relatives Of Gadigal ServicesRate it:
FROGSFrenchies Representing Obedience Greatness SyndicateRate it:
FROGSFreakin Retards On Good StuffRate it:
FSFunny StuffRate it:
FSAFaggy Saggy AggieRate it:
FSAFlying Saucer AttackRate it:
FSDFreaking Stupid DudsRate it:
FSEFrench Snobbery EverywhereRate it:
FSLFix Silvia LaterRate it:
FSMFred Savage MafiaRate it:
FSMFlying Sphagetti MonsterRate it:
FSMFry Sailor MoonRate it:
FSMFlying Spaghetti MonsterRate it:
FSNFew See NascarRate it:

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