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Dare to take the ultimate acronyms and abbreviations challenge? Don't stay behind — Our Super Acronym Quiz (SAQ) will help you catch up on the latest jargon and geeky shorthands in an easy and fun way!

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Choose the definition that best matches the acronym below:



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  • dik_c
    BMP Best Management Practice
    LikeReplyReport 31 month ago
  • Ubermaus
    The answer for BIOS is wrong. BIOS is not Basic Input-Output Services. It stands for Basic Input/Output System as named in the copyright in June 1975 by its creator, Gary A. Kildall.
    LikeReplyReport 152 months ago
  • bones_e
    Perhaps this strategy would be better employed through the application with propinquitous minds, and not those of mere availability.
    LikeReplyReport 13 months ago
  • ashleyf.45268
    First try 10/10—time: 0:57
    LikeReplyReport 43 months ago
  • Dtmpap
    SOS means "Save Our Ship" or even "Sh*t On a Shingle" and neither of those was a choice
    LikeReplyReport 63 months ago
    • baldy
      I disagree. SOS means "save our souls"
      LikeReplyReport 92 months ago
  • jamika_s
    30 seconds 10/10 easy.
    LikeReplyReport 25 months ago
  • Mershel
    Very easy answered rather quickly
    LikeReplyReport 57 months ago
  • ASA1222
    LikeReplyReport 107 months ago
  • TopToolPro
    I guess a little knowledge does come with age. I thought this was pretty easy. I likely have used all but one of these over the years.
    LikeReplyReport 88 months ago
  • Itsmrnick
    Lucky me 10/10
    LikeReplyReport 79 months ago
  • roseg.40927
    Love it!
    LikeReplyReport 79 months ago
  • motherhahahahahaha
    you guys are very smart, however I am the 69th comment, which is obviously the best. :DD
    LikeReplyReport 89 months ago
    • jagdip_s
      LikeReplyReport 79 months ago
  • badgirl_b
    10/10 in 1min 4sec. Damn thing probably would've been quicker if the internet connection wasn't so slow at resolving the next question box. Prolly could've gotten under a minute; maybe under 55sec. Possibly under 50 on a good quick run. Kinda tempted to run through again just to see if I can do it quicker...although knowing my luck the questions will all be for "acronyms" (and I put that term in "scare-quotes" because not all of the entries in this quiz are actual 'acronyms' - an acronym spells out a word, if not an actual dictionary defined 'word' then a largely 'phonetically pronounceable' utterance which follows on from first letter to last, including each letter in the overall enunciation) that I have no knowlege of. FML 
    LikeReplyReport 810 months ago
    • Lash
      Ha ha!
      LikeReplyReport 69 months ago
  • ashleyf.45268
    9/10 - in 1 min 13 sec.
    }}}—» Last 1 got me; pckd curriculum verif. instd. *tsk* Rly shld’ve knwn better. «—{{{
    LikeReplyReport 610 months ago
  • vinny_r
    POC (Piece of cake)
    LikeReplyReport 1110 months ago
  • pan_s
    10/10 in 6 minute 36 seconds
    LikeReplyReport 710 months ago
  • divided_w
    10/10 in 1 minute 24 seconds
    LikeReplyReport 810 months ago
  • julissa_w
    10/10 in 1 min 11 sec
    Try doing this 5 or more times you will start to get challenging acronyms.
    LikeReplyReport 810 months ago
  • nour_h
    10/10 in 48sec
    LikeReplyReport 711 months ago
  • tonyj.09696
    LikeReplyReport 711 months ago
  • Mamacita
    8/10 in 4sec
    LikeReplyReport 811 months ago
  • nour_h
    10/10 in 0:46
    LikeReplyReport 711 months ago
  • DhaRah
    LikeReplyReport 71 year ago
  • Mershel
    9/10 in 1:07
    LikeReplyReport 101 year ago
    • L0L
      I GOT 9/10 IN 01:11 SECONDS
      LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
  • piggedpig
    10/10 in 25s
    LikeReplyReport 81 year ago
    • tanyad.04555
      really? I cant get the questions to load that fast. Lucky you! Im hard pressed to get under a minute & thats not because of my speed, l wait for all but the 1st question
      LikeReplyReport 710 months ago
  • bak_a
    It was very hard but insteresting
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
  • UltimateWeaponfarter
    Very hard but interesting
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
  • UltimateWeaponfarter
    10 in 1:23
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
    10/10 IN 02:05 Gotta' really pay attention to the spellings on these - tricky!
    LikeReplyReport 131 year ago
  • brent_t
    10 for 10 1:49
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
  • Starboy100
    Very interesting
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
  • barryb.80229
    Fell Asleep Reading Test FART
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
  • davidb
    9/10 points in 1 minute and 44 seconds!
    LikeReplyReport 71 year ago
  • leo_p
    BRB is Be Right Back...this I know but it also stands for Bath Room Break, which wasn't on the list.
    LikeReplyReport 71 year ago
    • thomd.58013
      but bathroom is one word so it’s not really a good one.
      LikeReplyReport 71 year ago
  • charleskofi
    Very educative
    LikeReplyReport 71 year ago
  • Olaleye
    Is very interesting and motive
    LikeReplyReport 81 year ago
  • dc23
    You people don't know the difference between an acronym and an abbreviation.
    LikeReplyReport 141 year ago
  • Mohamed.fawzy
    Easy one
    LikeReplyReport 41 year ago
  • terri_c
    A very fun and fascinating way to realize what you think you know and the difference of what is, threw time words , abbreviations and their meanings have changed ! I Thank You for sharing your quizzes with people like me so I can keep up to date with all kinds of knowledge, Great learning and teaching tool 
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
    • Rovender
      Sorry, I have to correct your grammar:
      A very fun, fascinating way to realize what you think you know and the difference of what is. Through time, words, abbreviations, and their meanings have changed! I thank you for sharing your quizzes with people like me so I can keep up to date with all kinds of knowledge. Great learning and teaching tool! 
      LikeReplyReport 61 year ago
    • Bombdiggityyo
      Rovender Sorry, I didn’t realize we were being graded on our grammar and punctuation in our comments. Do you just troll thru what everybody writes salivating for an error? A missed comma? Misplaced apostrophe? It wasn’t really necessary, was it? Unless you felt some kind of gleeful rush afterwards.
      See what I did there? I started out saying sorry also so that justifies it as okay and I’m smiling so I’m just being helpful and neighborly.
      Oh yeah, erm, great quiz guys!
      LikeReplyReport 101 year ago
    • Rovender
      LikeReplyReport 51 year ago
    • tanyad.04555
      Correct her grammar, well l thought l would be so kind to correct you in return, one " kind " deed earns another!
      You didn't just correct her grammar, you completely rewrote her entire comment which is beyond rude in my opinion.
      This is the comment section we each of us is given the opportunity to share our experience if we so choose, yet you instead chose to not only offer your opinion on someone elses opinion but to hijack their words & rewrite the entire script which resulted in it no longer being her comment!! Really quite bizarre & ott which is an abbreviation btw not an acronym.
      May l kindly suggest you take up a craft ,learn a new skill, a new language or perhaps get a pet, something that offers you joy & fulfillment but not at the expense of another?
      Just a caring constructive thought l was compelled to share with you to improve on your comment as that appears to be what you are in to.
      Oh & feel free to dissect my words until your heart is content as l wrote them to & for you, im giftng my entire comment just to you meaning its actually now technically yours.
      LikeReplyReport 610 months ago
    • OrrinPants
      I can't believe you misspelled a 1-letter word twice?!!
      LikeReplyReport2 months ago
  • D'star
    I love it.But a question who gave KISS that.
    LikeReplyReport 51 year ago
  • butter_m
    That's so much fun, I love words!!
    LikeReplyReport 51 year ago
  • iman_s
    LikeReplyReport 31 year ago
  • Saqlainengr10
    8/10 IN 30 SECONDS
    LikeReplyReport 71 year ago
  • juls-k
    what do main to the question
    LikeReplyReport 21 year ago
  • Rovender
    11/10, poggers.
    LikeReplyReport 61 year ago
    • NUKI
      I GOT 10/10 CORRECT WITH 00:25 SECONDS
      LikeReplyReport 41 year ago
  • ateeq_u
    10/10 am genius
    LikeReplyReport 61 year ago
  • Enrik
    “What is the rarest blood What is the rarest blood type?” Has nothing to do with Acronyms tmk. ( to my knowledge)
    LikeReplyReport 41 year ago
  • DickLicker
    9/10 considering it’s American abbreviations (mainly) and my first language is Irish Gaelic I don’t think I did badly
    LikeReplyReport 51 year ago
  • OldDude
    PT means both physical therapy and physical training (military)
    LikeReplyReport 61 year ago
    • dc23
      Also "Patrol Torpedo", as in boat.
      LikeReplyReport 41 year ago
    • tanyad.04555
      and PT also is an abbreviation of Personal trainer
      LikeReplyReport 310 months ago
  • Lesbo86
    10/10. Btw, I'm a genius
    LikeReplyReport 101 year ago
  • Alison#justaTNgirl
    TO WEBMASTER: the "SOL" question needs to be REMOVED, or at the very least changed to "all of the following definitions match the acronym below EXCEPT", because at least three of the answers are TRUE [and listed as an acronym on your site]. Possibly "Anonymous" listed "Statute of Limitations" as the "correct" answer because s/he works in the legal field and is most familiar with that definition. People who work in fields [various govt & non-profit agencies, financial, public health, education, sociology, psychology, etc] that deal with socioeconomic status in general and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations in particular are probably more likely to define SOL as "Standard of Living". Since this is an online quiz, one can reasonably infer that most people taking the quiz are familiar with the computer/texting definition meaning "Sh*t out of luck". BOTTOM LINE, it has multiple correct answers and is a BAD question. 
    LikeReplyReport 131 year ago
    • acronimous
      Thanks for the feedback -- you're absolutely right! We've just changed the "wrong" answers to be completely wrong this time... :-)
      LikeReplyReport 111 year ago
    • ashleyf.45268
      idk… I got it right immediately, and I don’t work in the legal field. I know there were others that made sense, & a few being socially appropriate/correct answers. However, I also knew ‘statute of limitations’ was a more ‘legitimate’ answer—for lack of a better word (kinda ironic, I know. Lol). As opposed to some maybe more widely known/well-used slang words/terms that’ve been shortened, mashed together, compressed, etc. largely for conveniences sake.
      Idk, maybe that’s just me; but after I saw that option, I never even considered choosing a different one. It was simply the correct answer from the moment I saw it was an option. 
      LikeReplyReport3 months ago
  • Payden1
    8 out of 10
    LikeReplyReport 101 year ago
  • bb.70366
    yep 10/10
    LikeReplyReport 131 year ago
  • josie_e
    LikeReplyReport 121 year ago
  • joshf.48986
    I got 8 over 10
    LikeReplyReport 111 year ago
  • jonathanc.64772
    YASS i got 10/10
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
  • cd_g
    Yass, 10/10‼️
    LikeReplyReport 121 year ago
  • soco108_c
    FWIW I got 9/10.
    LikeReplyReport 161 year ago
  • saraa.56691
    LikeReplyReport 141 year ago
  • Haole_girl
    10/10! However, I was taught, and always believed that USSR was the abbreviation for United Soviet Socialist Republic. I’m 47 years old, so I was around when the USSR was still the USSR. I remember when we, (USA) and 65 other countries, boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December of ‘79. Then, in the summer of 1984, the USSR responded in kind by boycotting The Olympics in Los Angeles. 
    LikeReplyReport 311 year ago
  • Arctos
    This is my favorite quiz.
    LikeReplyReport 251 year ago
  • Minderella
    8/10 not bad I guess!
    LikeReplyReport 271 year ago
  • weiyang_l20110729
    It’s a bit hard
    LikeReplyReport 201 year ago
  • av.95808
    Very much interesting
    LikeReplyReport 211 year ago
  • angela.47744
    PTSD does not stand for:Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
    It means:
    LikeReplyReport 391 year ago
    • DrMonkeyHunt89
      hahaha ur right did it say that it meant that “ pTSD stands for post traumatic stress syndrome instead of disorder!!???! Cause omg if it did!
      And come on now your gonna tell me that FIMH does stand for “Forever in my heart” instead of “First International Monkey  
      LikeReplyReport 41 year ago
  • mo_r
    LikeReplyReport 231 year ago
  • ezekiel
    i like it
    LikeReplyReport 192 years ago
  • Kawoye
    First time to have this quiz and it's amazing
    LikeReplyReport 192 years ago
    oof its so nice
    i like it
    LikeReplyReport 242 years ago
  • rudra_d
    I'm kinda good at this! I like this quiz. Probably my favorite!
    LikeReplyReport 232 years ago
  • clarkb86
    Either these quizzes are relatively easy, or else I'm a bit of an acronym-definition savant, lol
    LikeReplyReport 262 years ago
  • Peteremefe
    Interesting, I'm improving
    LikeReplyReport 232 years ago
  • Peteremefe
    Great platform
    LikeReplyReport 212 years ago
  • Smartless
    An Array of painful answers
    LikeReplyReport 252 years ago
  • JessicaLove
    Got 6 right out of 10. That's really bad...
    LikeReplyReport 202 years ago
  • Abbr3v1a73
    Hmmm guess I did ok
    LikeReplyReport 172 years ago
  • Magdalena71
    Fed up :)
    LikeReplyReport 152 years ago
  • Manjunath
    LikeReplyReport 242 years ago
  • Chinecherem
    Very interesting
    LikeReplyReport 232 years ago

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