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NASA Abbreviations

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VIIRSVisible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (Suomi NPP satellite)Rate it:
VILVolume Imaging LidarRate it:
VILVerified Item ListRate it:
VIOViolationRate it:
VIPVisual Inspection ProgramRate it:
VIPVerification Integration PlanRate it:
VIRVisible Infrared RadarRate it:
VIRDVerification Implementation Requirements DocumentRate it:
VIRGOVariability of solar IRradiance and Gravity OscillationsRate it:
VISVisible Imaging SystemRate it:
VISVISibilityRate it:
VISVISualRate it:
VIS/UVVISual/UltraVioletRate it:
VISCVISCosityRate it:
VISIONVirtual Information Space Intelligence And Operations NetworkRate it:
VISTAVisible and Infrared Survey Telescope for AstronomyRate it:
ViTSVideo Teleconferencing SystemRate it:
VITTVehicle Integration Test TeamRate it:
VIUVisual Inspection UnitRate it:
VIUVideo Interface UnitRate it:
VIWVisual Inspection WorkshopRate it:
VIWIMVisual Inspection Workshop Instructor's ManualRate it:
VIWRMVisual Inspection Workshop Reference ManualRate it:
VIYInitial Vertical VelocityRate it:
VJVacuum JacketedRate it:

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