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OJOscar JonesRate it:
OJOrrin JuddRate it:
OLAOur Lady of the AngelsRate it:
OLBOmaha, Lincoln & Beatrice RailwayRate it:
OMOther MotherRate it:
OMGGGOn My Goodness Gracious GraceRate it:
OMJOld Man JenkinsRate it:
OMONIOmoni derives from: Omni- prefix: Omni- all; of all things. Combining forms "omniscient" having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things. "omnicompetent" able to handle any situation; especially : having the authority or legal capacity to act in all matters Origin from Latin omnis ‘all.’Rate it:
OOTFout of town friendRate it:
ORDOnly Real DogsRate it:
OSOle SyversenRate it:
OT9Oregon's Trolley 9Rate it:
OVOverton VertisRate it:
OYDOne Year DelayRate it:
PPaigeRate it:
PATPatriciaRate it:
PBOPresident Barack ObamaRate it:
PDPurple DuckyRate it:
PDVCPrincess Dianne Vista CastilloRate it:
PEGPeggyRate it:
PEGGYPeggy or Peg is short for Margaret. Peghai is Gaelic for Margaret.Rate it:
PetePeterRate it:
PGPirate GirlRate it:
PGFPretty girl fromRate it:
PHPaul HalpernRate it:

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