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Electronics Abbreviations

Browse 7,258 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Electronics terminology and jargon.

PFAPerFluoroAlkoxyRate it:
PFASCParallel Framework for Audio Similarity ClusteringRate it:
PFCPer-FluoroCarbonRate it:
PFCPower Factor CorrectionRate it:
PFCPower Frequency ControlRate it:
PFDPhase Frequency DetectorRate it:
PFEDProject for Free Electronic DictionariesRate it:
PFGProbabilistic Fault GradingRate it:
PFGEPulsed Field Gel ElectrophoresisRate it:
PFKPlastic Flat PackRate it:
PFKPROSTAT Field KitRate it:
PFLPre-Fader ListeningRate it:
PFNPulse Forming NetworkRate it:
PFPEPerFluorinated PolyEtherRate it:
PFRPlug-Flow ReactorRate it:
PFRKParallel Flow Regenerative KilnRate it:
PFRPPultruded Fiber Reinforced PlasticRate it:
PFRPPultruded Fiber Reinforced PolymerRate it:
PFTProgressive Face TechnologyRate it:
PFTQPartnering For Total QualityRate it:
PGProgrammable GainRate it:
PGPolarization GateRate it:
PGProportional GainRate it:
PGPass GapRate it:
PGAPin Grid ArrayRate it:

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