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Electronics Abbreviations

Browse 7,715 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Electronics terminology and jargon.

NKCENon Kinetic Counter ElectronicsRate it:
NLNeutral LineRate it:
NLENiels Larsen ElektronikRate it:
NLONon-Linear OpticRate it:
NLOVSNiet-Lineaire Optica Vaste Stoffen (Non-linear optics fixed substances)Rate it:
NLRNon-Linear RefractionRate it:
NLTFNon-Linear Transfer FunctionRate it:
NLZNoise Level ZeroRate it:
NMNanoMeterRate it:
NMNoise MarginRate it:
NMCNumber of Multiplexed ComponentsRate it:
NMEAThe National Marine Electronics AssoRate it:
NMESNeuro Muscular Electrical StimulationRate it:
NMETNight Marks Electric TrioRate it:
NMINational Microelectronics InstituteRate it:
NMOCNon-metallic optical cableRate it:
NMOSNegative channel Metal-Oxide SemiconductorRate it:
NMPMNegative Magnetic Permeability MediaRate it:
NMRNuclear Magnetic ResonanceRate it:
NMRNoise Masking RatioRate it:
NMRNormal Mode RejectionRate it:
NNNeural NetworkRate it:
NNNearest NeighborRate it:
NNNegative or Minus connectionRate it:
NNNNext Nearest NeighborRate it:

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