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General Abbreviations

Browse 10,337 acronyms and abbreviations related to the General terminology and jargon.

TDLTo Do ListRate it:
TDMTeam Decision-MakingRate it:
TDMSTechnology Deployment and Management ServicesRate it:
TDMSTechnical Documentation Management SystemRate it:
TDPTechnology Developer PartnerRate it:
TDRTransfer Of Development RightsRate it:
TDSThinker, Doer, and SellerRate it:
TDSTotal Domestic SalesRate it:
TEAMTogether Everyone Always MattersRate it:
TEAMTrust, Energy, Attitude, and MotivationRate it:
TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves MuchRate it:
TEAMTogether Everyone Accomplishes MoreRate it:
TEAMTotal Efficiency At ManpowerRate it:
TEAMTogether Excited About MoneyRate it:
TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves MagicRate it:
TEAMSTeams Evolving And Mastering SuccessRate it:
TEAMSTogether Everyone Achieves More SuccessfullyRate it:
TEAMSTechnical Executive Administrative and Managerial SupportRate it:
TEAPTrainee Employee Assistance ProgramRate it:
TECTraining and Enterprise CouncilRate it:
TECTechnology Entrepreneurship CapitalRate it:
TECTechnology, Education, and CapitalRate it:
TECHTECHnologyRate it:
TEDTenders Electronic DailyRate it:
TEDTeamwork Effort And DeadlinesRate it:

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